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1701 K Street Hotel

A shuttered drugstore in Midtown Sacramento will give way to a six-story hotel with 154 rooms, though no apparent brand is attached at this point.

According to an application with the city, the unnamed hotel will be at 1701 K St., where a CVS Pharmacy closed earlier this year.

"The developer is in negotiations with major hotel brands to determine the best fit for the site," according to a narrative in the application, filed by architecture firm HRGA. "The building is envisioned as a six-story structure, with five stories above a single-level concrete podium, encompassing approximately 85,000 square feet."

HRGA associate/senior project manager Mary Woltering, listed as the applicant, said in an email she couldn't comment on the project, citing the wishes of the hotel's future owner.

At the corner of 17th and K streets would be the main hotel lobby, according to the application. Some ground-floor rooms would be along 17th Street, separated by a landscape buffer.

Guest amenities would include a fitness center, breakfast area, meeting rooms and bar, but no swimming pool. Because of site constraints, there would only be nine parking spots on-site, though existing parking on 17th Street would remain.

Hotel drop-offs and pickups would be on K Street. Existing street trees would remain, while overhead power lines along Jazz Alley to the north would be relocated underground to improve aesthetics, according to the application.

The existing retail building on the site, dating to 1946 and about 12,800 square feet, would be demolished, according to the application. That building's age could trigger a review for historic status, however.

In the application, 1701 K St. LLC, with an address in Wilton, is listed as the property owner.

Jennifer Jacobsen, a managing member of the ownership group, said the property is in escrow to be sold.

"We're just trying to sell the property since CVS left off," she said, adding the entity buying the property would develop the hotel project.

Someone signaled interest in a hotel at 1701 K St. earlier this year, submitting a request to the city for estimated fees on a six-story, 155-room hotel there. That project had an estimated cost of $25 million.

It's not clear who submitted that request. About a month later, CVS Health Corp. (NYSE: CVS) announced plans to close the store there.


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