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5th Street Townhome is submitted for the entitlement

An industrial property at 2601 Fifth St. in Sacramento, just east of the Mill at Broadway infill project, would be redeveloped with 82 townhomes, according to a new application with the city.


By Ben van der Meer – Senior Reporter, Sacramento Business Journal

Dec 21, 2022

Ongoing redevelopment of an industrial area near Broadway in Sacramento would add more housing, in the form of 82 three-story townhomes on a 2.26-acre site.A new application, with a project name of 5th Street Townhomes, proposes tearing down existing buildings for those townhomes at 2601 Fifth St., just east of the Mill at Broadway infill redevelopment.

"The design and massing of all the buildings are a contemporary design," states the project narrative in the application. "The building design is a combination of complementary colors and materials. The overall massing is broken into a variation of forms through recessed portions of the building as well as material and color variation."

Young Kim, a partner with architecture firm HRGA, is listed as the project applicant. He did not return a call for comment. Nor did Peter Saetes of Sacramento, listed on the application as the property owner.

According to the application, each townhome would be three stories tall and range from 1,380 to 2,040 square feet. The townhomes would have two and three bedrooms. The application doesn't specify whether they would be for rent or purchase. The units would not have a subsidy, suggesting they would not be affordable housing.

On each townhome's ground floor would be a two-car garage, as well as a private patio. Balconies would be on all townhome second stories, while bedrooms would be on the top story. Access to the site would come from First Avenue, Fifth Street and a new extension of Sixth Street that would bisect the project, according to the application.

Currently, there are about 18,500 square feet of existing buildings on the site, used for ag/food processing and dating to 1974. Those buildings would be demolished for the townhome project, according to the application. Though the application lists Sacramento-based Penryn Partners 21 LLC as the owners, property records show Bugatto Sacramento Properties Inc. as the owner, with an address in San Francisco. That entity appears to have the same address as California Shellfish Co., the current tenant at 2601 Fifth St. Eugene Bugatto, an agent for that entity, could not be reached for comment Tuesday.


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