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Hyatt House Davis - Field Planning Commission Meeting

Napkin sketch for balloon installer

Napkin sketch for Balloon installer to make tower. Planning commission asked design team to set up the balloons for building outline. 50 ft height balloon tower represent 4 story hotel. This is simple way for story pole. Red portion of balloons represents window areas. It needs to set up early in the morning to avoid windy site.

Mark from HRGA with a drone

Mark is setting up drone to capture view from level 4th and 3rd floor guestrooms to neighboring houses. It connects GPS system for accuracy.

Richard Harper addressing a crowd outside

Design team explains the privacy issues and how to mitigate with design. Planning commissioners and community members are gathered.

Balloons being used to represent parapet.

Balloons are floating up in early in the morning. The top of blue balloons represents 50 ft parapet.

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