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Scripps apartments

scripps apartments
sacramento, CA

Situated on a previously undeveloped triangular lot at the corner of an existing office building site, this five-story, 10,500 SF apartment will consist of nine market-rate units.

The triangular apartment aims to introduce a unique and visually captivating architectural addition to the bustling employment and business-oriented area near Scripps Drive. The shape of the complex not only takes advantage of the site constraints but also adds a distinctive architectural element when viewed from different angles. 

The primary architectural finish for the building will consist of reddish thin brick and cement plaster. This choice of materials allows the apartment complex to blend harmoniously with the existing surroundings while presenting a contemporary and modern aesthetic that complements the neighboring structures.

Status: Entitlement completed in 2024. On-hold.

Design Principal: Young Kim

Managing Principal: Roland Ketelsen


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