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hyatt place

hyatt place
mariposa, CA

The proposed project involves the construction of a new three-story Hyatt Place on a 2.9-acre vacant lot, encompassing a total area of 55,600 square feet. The building will be designed to accommodate 105 guest rooms, function spaces, a small bar/dining area, and a meeting room.


The architectural design is influenced by the rustic and craftsman styles prevalent in the vicinity of Yosemite Park. Drawing inspiration from these regional aesthetics, the design aims to capture the essence of the surrounding natural beauty and create a harmonious connection with the environment.


The building will feature multiple hip and gable roofs, adding visual interest and providing a distinctive silhouette. These roof styles are characteristic of the craftsman architectural tradition and contribute to the overall charm and character of the structure. Another prominent aspect of the design is the use of a rough look stone base. This choice of material not only adds strength and durability to the building's foundation but also imparts a sense of authenticity and timelessness. The rough texture of the stone complements the natural surroundings and adds to the overall aesthetic appeal.


In terms of the building's plan, an asymmetrical L-shape configuration has been adopted. This layout creates visual interest and allows for a more dynamic and engaging spatial arrangement. The asymmetry adds to the architectural charm and reflects the organic nature of the surrounding environment.


By combining elements of rustic and craftsman styles, the design seeks to evoke a sense of warmth, craftsmanship, and integration with nature. It aspires to create an inviting and memorable experience for visitors, while also paying homage to the local architectural heritage.


Design Principal: Young Kim

Managing Principal: Roland Ketelsen​


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