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14,000 sf of childcare facility for USAA insurance company employees. Facility is situated right next to Recreational Gym facility. It is quipped with special hinges that won't pinch toddlers' fingers. Toys in the infant area disinfected every hour to minimize the spread of colds, flu and other diseases. Sinks are equipped with sensors so germs aren't passed between teachers and parents.
This facility is more "family centers" consisting of parent education series, summer camps and after school, holiday and backup care. Facility can accommodate 126 children. an outside recreation area equipped with the usual swings and an unusual oversize water play pole.

HRGA provided exterior & interior design service including overall master plan of the site. Materials and character for the center's exterior were chosen to harmonize with the existing corporate campus, while simultaneously providing clues to the building's use through color, window size and placement, and scale. The creative incorporation of the architectural roof design preserves the character of the campus as viewed from the adjacent multi-story office buildings. L-shaped building screens the exterior play areas from the working campus while providing for maximum visibility from the center's interior to the playgrounds. Security and safety were extremely important in this design and are evident in the building's details.


Ronald A. Reta, Principal-in-Charge, English Harper Reta Architects



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