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Semi-conductor company


folsom, ca

HRGA won the invited competition to renovate existing 20,000 sf of cafeteria with food stations and servery area. Company identity throughout the organization will be expressed in the cafeteria where employee interaction and collaboration is promoted by the physical setting. This concept is achieved through the style, color & placement of furniture, and the thoughtful application of finishes and graphic treatments - all thoughtfully integrated to define the space and enhance the dining experience. The goal is to create a cafeteria space that encourages casual one-on-one and group dialog throughout the workday hours, thereby enhancing the overall productivity of the company.


The dining space should exist as a central core function: promoting collaboration. And collaboration and the sense of community are reinforced where a variety of seating options are available. The proper integration of seating enables employees to take comfort within corporate environment, while making the space come alive with conversation over community tables or individual tables - supporting either more public or more private interactions. The idea here is to create a space that offers an atmosphere that is more like a restaurant dining experience than that of a large-scale dining hall.


The project is completed in early 2016.


Principal-In-charge: Rick Harper, Design principal: Young Kim

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