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stockton hotel
sacramento, CA

The project is proposing a 3-story, 34 room hotel on a vacant lot. It includes 18 parking stalls. . The simple massing with a contemporary design can contribute to the vibrancy of the surrounding area.

The exterior is composed of a warm color palette and material selection, which will then be accented through various textures such as thin brick and smooth cement plaster. The design emphasizes the main exterior stair and elevator tower facing to Stockton boulevard. The vertical screen element at the elevator lobby will add a discreet gesture to the façade to connect the guests with the surroundings.

The other element is the exterior open walkways protected by rod railings that lead to the guestrooms or the main exterior steel stairway.  Overall, the facade creates a harmonious façade through intentional material placement and textural variances.


stockton hotel

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