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Mid-town apartment
Sacramento, CA 

The eight-story mixed-use apartment is proposed for the mid-town corners in Sacramento. the market-rate apartments with retail space on the ground level. Six-story wood construction (Type III-A) with AMMR over two-level concrete podium (Type I-A) plus basement parking. The massing and design language marks the building as contemporary while referencing the existing surrounding context. The design emphasis is at the pedestrian level with transparent retail at the corner and a residential lobby on the street to increase the street's vitality and energy. 
The building's upper portions are broken into visually distinctive forms to the existing building scales around them. Exterior building materials will consist of a smooth cement board and cement plaster finish in neutral colors contrasted by balcony elements. HRGA provided the conceptual design service. 



Design Principal: Young Kim

Project Managing Principal: Roland Ketelsen

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