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Marshall Hotel
Hyatt Centric
Sacramento, CA 

This 11-story, 170 room, loft-inspired design integrates and celebrates the century-old brick facade of the Marshall Hotel through meticulous preservation and restoration effort. The new tower's contemporary expression of precast concrete and glass, while symbolic of the progressive Hyatt Place hotel brand, remains respectful of the historic architecture by borrowing from its original window patterns; by gently embracing it with vertical and horizontal glass planes; and by stepping back from the L Street frontage to honor its center-stage presence at this very busy intersection.

Arriving guests are greeted at the 6th floor with a panoramic view of the outdoor terrace, and City skyline beyond. Dining, lounging, and social amenities at this level are complemented meeting space on the floor below. The Project is completed in 2021.


Advantage of Light gauge metal stud bearing wall system

When the project is between 7-15 story, wood structure is not viable and concrete slab with post-tension structure could be too expensive. The light gauge metal studs method is the sweet spots for buildings between 7 to 15 stories. The light-gauge steel construction method by incorporating a shear wall system that allows engineers to build taller without the higher costs of a reinforced concrete building. It works really well when the layout of the space span is not more than 14ft. studio or one bedroom apartment. light-gauge steel design allows the developer to build a few floors higher than a wood-framed building and have greater floor space and ceiling heights. The project is currently designed with a light gauge metal studs system with steel post & beam system at lower levels. 


Managing Principal: Roland Ketelsen

Design Principal: Young Kim

Developer: Presidio

Interior Designer: Gettys Interior



Historic restoration

hyatt centric

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