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Sacramento, ca

The proposed 39 unit, three-story walk-up market rate apartment complex is situated at the corner of Arden Expressway and Markston Road with 36,300 square feet development. Its access point is on Markston Road, positioned away from the busy Arden Expressway to ensures a safe in-out entrance to residents.

The Markston Walk-Up Apartments contain a unique solped butterfly-shaped roof, that adds a distinctive aesthetic, while also serving a functional purpose. The roof design creates a rhythmic play, subtly broken up by the placement of staircases.

The building design is further enhanced by projected balconies that not only serve as private outdoor spaces for residents, but also contribute to the overall rhythm and articulation of the building. The combination of solid and open vertical railings adds a sense of lightness and transparency to the facade.

Design Principal: Young Kim

Principal-In-Charge: Roland Ketelsen



Sacramento, Ca


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