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stockton, ca

The Stewart Eberhardt Building is a 100,000 sf four-story office building and eight-story parking garage comprise the first redevelopment project by the City under the West End Urban Renewal plan adopted in 1991. Completed via design-build project delivery, the building houses Neighborhood Services, the City's Training Center, Police Investigations Division, Management Information Services, Police and Fire Telecommunications, and an Emergency Operations Center. The 800 parking spaces serve the building's occupants, the neighboring Stockton Hotel and Cineplex, and the general public. 
The layered facade, arched windows, tile roof, and concrete and granite finishes are integrated into a contemporary expression of classic themes that project a strong image of civic pride, importance and durability, and pay tribute to the historic qualities of the nearby Stockton Hotel.

Richard Harper, Principal-in-Charge, English Harper Reta Architects





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