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Urban Mixed-use


Sacramento, CA

Envoy, a 6-story, 153-unit, market-rate, mixed-use multifamily apartment building situated on J Street, is set to transform the downtown area into a vibrant and dynamic hub. With a vision to create a lively anchor, the building embraces a modern and contemporary design approach.


The main J Street exterior uses neutral tones of light gray and darker gray. A standout design feature is the projecting metal window frame, creating a pattern of window frames adorned with Juliette balconies. This unique combination of materials and forms adds an element to the facade, setting the Cathedral apart as a distinctive landmark in the city.

The 11th street building facade thoughtfully complements the neighboring Cathedral of the Blessed. By using off-white cement boards with horizontal reveal lines, the project is harmoniously blended within the existing context while maintaining its individuality. To enhance visual contrast, dark-gray cement board panels have been strategically employed, adding depth and character to the building.


Emphasizing the urban experience, the corner of Enovy features large windows with projecting balconies, offering residents panoramic views of the city and fostering a sense of openness and connectivity. The ground-level retail space, topped with a sleek metal canopy, adds a modern touch and encourages interaction between residents and the vibrant street life.


With its mix of market-rate apartments and central location, it aims to create a vibrant downtown community, promoting social interaction and cultural exchange. This mixed-use multifamily apartment on J Street is set to become a timeless icon, embodying modern living while seamlessly blending into the fabric of the urban landscape. The project is completed in 2023. 


Developer: Anthem Properties

Contractor: DesCor

Design Principal: Young Kim

Managing Principal: Roland Ketelsen

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