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10 K
Sacramento, CA 

The 10K project will be a 15-story mixed-use building with a 205-room hotel from the ground floor to level 7, with a 218 unit residential rental apartment on top. The project’s gross area for the hotel and residential spaces is approximately 290,000 sf. 

The hotel will have a lounge and bar space located on levels 2 & 3. As well, a rooftop garden will capture a panoramic view of downtown Sacramento. The open design of the 2 & 3 floor lounges allows guests to look down at the vibrant street activity.  On the ground floor, the hotel will offer a selection of restaurants as well as access to an outdoor patio facing 10th street. The patio provides a vibrant atmosphere and curb appeal to pedestrians walking by. There are several retail spots flanking the outdoor patio, allowing both hotel guests and pedestrians to take advantage of them. Space uses glass throughout in order to promote an open, inviting atmosphere.


The residential area has a separate lobby and elevator access, but residents can enter through the hotel lobby as well. Various amenities include lounges, a study room, a gym, and rooftop garden access. Residential rooftop access is separate from the hotel garden. The majority of the units are studio apartments, ranging from 400 sq ft to 700 sq ft. There are some one-bedroom apartments as well. The 14th and 15th floors accommodate luxury units, which have the larger square footage, higher quality finishes, and a view of the Sacramento skyline.


The advantage of Light gauge metal stud bearing wall system

When the project is between 7-15 stories, wood structure is not viable and concrete slab with post-tension structure could be too expensive. The light gauge metal studs method is the sweet spot for buildings between 7 to 15 stories. The light-gauge steel construction method by incorporating a shear wall system that allows engineers to build taller without the higher costs of a reinforced concrete building. It works really well when the layout of the space span is not more than 14ft. studio or one-bedroom apartment. light-gauge steel design allows the developer to build a few floors higher than a wood-framed building and have greater floor space and ceiling heights.



Status: Entitlement Phase only

Design Principal: Young Kim

Project Managing Principal: Roland Ketelsen

930 K Street-View5-03.jpg

Smart-growth & mixed-use development in the heart of downtown sacraemnto

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