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This mixed-use public parking garage is located directly adjacent to a planned hotel and park next to Tempe City Hall. The 165,000 sf, 442-space structure features imported stone cladding to match the hotel facade, and perforated metal screens at openings to hide parked cars and contain the glare of headlights. A two-story 12,000 sf retail and office wing conceals the parking along the street frontage. The $16M garage was designed with sustainability strategies consistent with LEED guidelines. Included are green roofing, landscaping at the lower roof areas, and canopies at roof-level parking to shade parking and support photovoltaic panels. CPTED principles were introduced for the safety of patrons as well as for the protection of the nearby police station.


Richard Harper, Principal-in-Charge, Stantec

Mixed-Use Parking Structure


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