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The Sacramento headquarters for the Corps of Engineers rises 19 stories from its downtown site across the street from the Sacramento Convention Center. Red and black granite clad the exterior at the lower floor and lobby, while pre-cast concrete and bronze glass enclose the upper levels. The pedestrian-oriented design offers shopping and dining opportunities in a series of recesses along the ground-floor streetscape. This articulation creates points of interest that engage passersby while concealing the parking garage.

Two glass-enclosed stair towers anchor the building on the J Street side of the building and offer safe access to public parking for evening Community Center events. Six stories of parking are softened by cascading plants at each level. The stories above the parking step back with intersecting planes of reflective bronze glass, suggesting that the building disappears into itself, while yielding multiple corner offices with outdoor courts. Required to accommodate critical essential services functionality in the event of a flood or earthquake, the building is designed to remain operational for the Corps of Engineers in the event of a disaster. A helipad is carefully concealed at the uppermost roof level.

This 317,000 sf "Class A" office building includes parking for 589 cars.


Richard Harper, Project Manager, Carissimi Rohrer Harper Associates

1325 J Street


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